Wrist Injury Compensation Claims


A wrist injury is known to cause damage to the ligaments that can end up causing problems within the wrist. Wrist injuries are common since the hand is always used in performing various tasks. The wrist comprises of small bones known as carpal bones. They connect the bones of the forearm with those of the hand. The metacarpal bones lay underneath the arm the palm and are the ones that attach the bones in the fingers and thumb.

All these bones are all connected with the wrist and thus making it a very complicated part of the body. The ligaments found in the wrist are the ones responsible for balancing the movement of the wrist bones. When the wrist is injured, its movement is altered and the movement of bones changes. This causes a lot of pain to the wrist joint, therefore, causing pain.

There are different types of wrist injuries like sprains, strains and fracturing of the wrist bones. There are several causes of a wrist injury. Falling down with the hand outstretched is the most common of all causes. The fractures can be caused by osteoporosis. The extent of injury caused entirely depends on how much force was exerted on the wrist when the accident occurred and how strong one’s bones are. The repetitive movement of the wrists for a long can also cause an injury.

These kinds of injuries are treated well if the doctor knows everything about the patient’s previous medical history with regards to a wrist injury. X-rays are the best way to know whether any bones are broken during the injury.

The early signs of an injured wrist are a pain, bruises and swelling. This can be characterised by one not being able to move their wrist. Injury to the soft tissues is considered more painful than a fracture and the pain can last for quite some time.

Wrist injuries can be caused by an accident and therefore subject to broken wrist compensation. One is compensated depending on the extent of damage caused on the wrist. So as to ensure one gets the settlement they deserve, they can employ the services of a solicitor so as to avoid a case of being short-changed. They can refer to previous cases to ensure they get the rightful compensation.

There is minor wrist injury compensation for those which recover within a short period of time. A Colles fracture earns more compensation as compared to the minor injury. Severe injury compensation caters for permanent damage to the wrist or in case there is continual pain as a result of the injury.

How much compensation for a broken wrist can vary as to the extent of the damage that was done.

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