The Emotional Reaction to Tinnitus


As per a recent study, it has been found out that people who suffer from persistent ringing in their ears, also regarded as Tinnitus, often tend to process emotions differently. A speech and hearing professor in the University of Illinois, stated that people, who hear disturbing noises in their ears, can often perceive and interpret thoughts differently, as and when compared to people with normal hearing capabilities.

The study analysis

In order to understand the condition better, the researchers conducted functional magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI scans, in order to understand how tinnitus can affect the brain’s ability to process thoughts and emotions in a person. Three groups of people were a part of the study; each group was differentiated basis their hearing disorders. The first group consisted of people with mild to moderate hearing issues with tinnitus problems. The second group consisted of people with mild to moderate hearing issues but without tinnitus symptoms. The third group consisted of people with no hearing loss and no tinnitus problems.

The study on tinnitus was published in the Brain Research journal and it broadly defined the emotional control of people suffering from tinnitus. After the study’s results were declared, researchers deduced that people who have tinnitus often have a lesser amount of activity in their amygdala, a part of the brain which processes emotions in humans.

Occurrence of Tinnitus

The human ear is divided into three parts: the outer part, the middle part and the inner part. Sound travels from the outer ear to the middle ear and then finally, the inner ear. These sound waves often titillate the tiny hair located inside the inner ear, thereby, transforming into electrical signals which are further on decoded by the brain.

However, when this hair is broken or damaged due to any reason, there is a break down in the transfer of electrical signals to the brain, which eventually end up causing tinnitus. The brain, which is supposed to received the signals, does not receive them in the correct manner, often ending up functioning abnormally.

Causes of tinnitus as noted by doctors

Loud noise: People who are exposed to persistent loud music will often find themselves suffering from tinnitus. If you work in a noisy environment, or are listening to high music consistently, then you can also get this hearing disorder.


If you’re too old, then the degeneration in your body can also lead to tinnitus. Being an irreversible problem, the degeneration can often lead to permanent damage, so it’s best to be careful and take precautions as soon as possible.

Some symptoms can include

  • Asking people to repeat words and sentences, loudly.
  • Tinnitus and inability to comprehend high pitched voices.
  • Watching television on extremely high volumes.
  • Treatment:

The most common treatment for such a situation is hearing aids and other communication devices.


Another common condition is Otosclerosis, which is caused by the abnormal growth of the bone in the middle ear. This condition usually blocks the sounds waves from entering the inner ear, thus, making you hear loud noises.

Some symptoms include

  • Hearing loss over a period of time
  • Tinnitus
  • Dizziness

Treatment for Otosclerosis

If you are diagnosed with Otosclerosis, then the treatment prescribed to you should include fluoride, calcium, and Vitamin D. However, these may not be able to cure the condition. You can resort to using hearing aids as another means of hearing.

Compensation claims and Tinnitus Compensation claims

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