Dog Bite Claims


With many people keeping dogs in their homes as pets, dog bites are a danger that one lives with under their roofs daily. It becomes dangerous more so when people who love dogs keep them as pets and have young children in their homes. Though some dogs trained for protection purposes, they sometimes turn against their keepers or those hired to take care of them. There have been cases of dogs mauling young children and sometimes killing them instantly while some bite and cause long-term injuries. When a dog causes injuries to the owner or any of his property, it is not a big deal. When a dog bites a person hired to take care of them, it then becomes a case solvable in the court.

When the dog of an owner bites a caretaker, they should file a case in court for compensation. Compensation may be in the form of money for loss of the injured person inability to work because of the injury from the dog bite. However, Dog Bite Claim Law Reforms have introduced tort reform. Tort reform protects the dog owners and makes an excuse for them not to pay damages to the injured person. Sometimes the dog owners are powerful and influential people who hide under the tort reform, which denies the injured people their rights to recover compensation from them.

When an injured person goes to court, and the dog owner found guilty, they could get a sentence to pay compensation to the injured person. The restitution order helps cover the losses incurred by the victim economically. Though they do not fully compensate the victim in other areas of his life like the psychological trauma and loss of quality of life because of the dog bite, they are better than none. When a dog owner refuses to pay the injured person the amount the court has ordered them to pay, the court has the mandate to have them arrested and jail them.

Insurance companies have a history of underpaying victims of dog bites and instead people prefer going to a court to get a full compensation. Hiring and retaining a lawyer to argue out a case for a person bit by a dog proves costly for some people. Not all people can afford attorney fees and especially on a contingency fee basis. For a simple case without many technicalities, it is simple to get the claims. However, in severe cases that require a large amount of money from a dog owner in the form of compensation takes a longer time. Some dog bites taken as critical cases are those where the dog bite causes disability, or the injured person incurs costs in the form of medical expenses.

The animal control department should classify bites from dogs for those affected to get justice. There have been people bitten and not got compensation since the dog owners protected by law and sometimes identifying the intensity of a dog bite is hard. Classifying the dogs’ bites in the form of the types of dogs will go a long way for wrongdoers punished and for victims to get compensation for their suffering.

If you have been bitten by a dog recently then you need to be seeking dog bite claims

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