Broken Pelvis

Bodily Injury

Suffering any kind of bodily damage can have a real impact on your daily life, especially if you’re unlucky enough to suffer broken bones. A broken pelvis can be anything from a minor injury to a severe problem which can take months or even years. In the very worst circumstances, the damage may never fully heal. No matter how serious the damage you’ve suffered is, you could be able to make broken pelvis claims against the party responsible for your injuries.

Our professional team specialise in getting our clients compensation for a wide range of bodily injuries, including broken bones. Broken hips or a pelvis can be a serious thing, and even if you manage to recover in just a few short weeks, the incident can put you out of work, or leave long-lasting trauma. Our professional team of no-win, no-fee personal injury lawyers are here to help you get the compensation you need to move on with your life and deal with your injuries.

Broken Pelvis Claims: Am I Entitled to Compensation?

If you’ve suffered broken bones in your hips or pelvis and it wasn’t your fault, then you may be entitled to compensation. This is the part of your body which allows your legs to move freely and is essential to walking and a wide range of other activities. Broken bones or other trauma to your pelvis can lead to significant pains and disability across the short or long-term.

If your hips are injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, criminal violence or even through a form of medical negligence, then the compensation you are entitled to could go a long way towards making your recovery period much easier or allowing you to adapt your home for your body’s limitations. You may have also suffered a fractured pelvis which means you are eligible to claim compensation for a fractured pelvis

There are dozens of different ways in which you could become eligible for broken hips or pelvis compensation, including:

  • Vehicular Injuries – If you are caught in a car or motorbike accident, then broken bones are extremely common. In this instance, it will be up to the person who caused the accident to pay for your compensation.
  • Work Accident Claims – There are all sorts of work accidents which could result in a broken pelvis. Anything from incorrectly maintained equipment, becoming trapped beneath falling objects or being provided with incorrect safety gear is the fault of your employer. In this instance, they will be responsible for your injuries.
  • Trips and Falls – One of the most common causes of personal injuries are trips and falls. This is often due to wet surfaces which are incorrectly marked or steps which are not properly visible.

How do I Know How Much Compensation My Broken Pelvis Claims are Worth?

There are several different characteristics to take into consideration when attempting to reason how much your broken pelvis claims compensation should be. Just some of the things to consider include:

  • How severe the injury proves to be?
  • Is there any permanent disability?
  • How does the injury affect your ability to work?
  • Is there persistent pain associated with the injury?
  • How long does it take to recover from your broken pelvis?
  • How much treatment or physiotherapy will be required?

Contact us for No-Win, No-Free Broken Pelvis Claims

If you’ve suffered a broken hips or pelvis because of someone else’s actions, get in touch with our professional team of no-win, no-fee lawyers today. Whether you suffered the injury at work, on the road or while on foot, our team are here to help you get the compensation and the justice you need.

Our team of no-win, no-fee solicitors are here to help you overcome the damage to your body and get the compensation that you deserve. The level of compensation that you receive will be dependent on how severe your injuries are and whether the fault lies entirely with the third-party.

As we are a professional team of no-win, no-fee lawyers, we will take our payment directly from your compensation. That means you won’t be required to put any money into the legal case and can, instead, focus on recovering from your injury.

If you’re looking for more information on our broken pelvis claims services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team directly. Our solicitors have many years of experience when it comes to helping you get the compensation and the justice that you need to move on with your life.

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