A Decrease in Work Related Injuries?


According to recently released statistics of last years work related injuries and illness’s, there has been a significant decrease. Of course it is delightful to see such improvement, but looking at the results below is it really enough or do you agree that we still have a long way to go.

  • Over 5 million work days were lost due to work related injuries.
  • Over 1 million were affected by work induced illness or disease.
  • There were nearly 240,00 work related injuries reported.
  • Over 150 workers were fatally injured whilst at work.

Currently work related injury cases are the most common sources of compensation. There are still many businesses that are failing to keep their employees save by follow basic health and safety precautions and the effects of any injuries caused are often devastating for the individuals involved and their family. The most common work related injuries and illnesses are asbestosis disease, warehouse accidents, accidents on construction sites and accidents whilst using machinery.

A considerable amount of the work related injuries and illnesses shown in these statistics are occurring within the agriculture and construction industries. Last year there were over 40 fatal work related injuries in the construction industry and nearly 30 fatal work related injuries in the manufacturing industry. As you can see although stricter safety procedures have lowered the number of injuries there is still an extremely high number of work related injuries, many of which could have been avoided if companies had followed basic health and safety guidelines.

All companies have the responsibility to ensure they create and maintain a safe work environment for each individual that works for them. Anyone that is affected by a work related injury or illness is eligible to claim compensation should seek the advice of a injury solicitor. The more people that are by a work related injury or illness and pursue compensation claims will help to highlight the lack of responsibility of the company involved and in turn will help to create safer work environments and lower these statistics.

So please if you or anyone you know have suffered from a work related injury or illness then contact a injury solicitor today and claim the compensation your entitled to.

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