Dog Bite SolicitorWith many people keeping dogs in their homes as pets, dog bites are a danger that one lives with under their roofs daily. It becomes dangerous more so when people who love dogs keep them as pets and have young children in their homes. Though some dogs trained for protection purposes, they sometimes turn against their keepers or those hired to take care of them. There have been cases of dogs mauling young children and sometimes killing them instantly while some bite and cause long-term injuries. When a... > Read More
Firstly, if you are looking for a reliable compensation claim solicitor to look after your occupational asthma compensation claim then may we recommend Tylers Solicitors, who you can contact by calling 0800 699 0079. Another acronym used to refer to occupational asthma is work-related asthma. This is asthma worsened or caused by exposure to substances while at work. The substances may trigger an attack in three different ways.
  • A reaction as a result of chemicals that naturally occur in the body, accumulating in the lungs causing an asthma attack.
  • An irritant reaction (for instance, an individual that reacts to smoking... > Read More
Have you ever been a victim of an accident and suffered a whiplash injury? If this describes you then it is time you seeked the help of a whiplash claims expert as you may get compensated for your injuries. Depending on the severity of the injury, you are eligible to get a specific amount of compensation that you can claim for. What Is A Whiplash Injury? The symptoms of a whiplash injury can vary from one individual to another depending on what took place during the time of the accident. Common symptoms could be lower back pain, nauseas, headaches,... > Read More
Vibration White Finger Compensation ClaimVibration White Finger has over the years become a common disease especially among people working with vibrating hand machinery. The disease causes fingers to turn white and most people among whom it is reported in workplaces happen to be those who have overused the aforementioned machines. There are many examples of compensation payouts for Vibration White Finger (VWF) that has been registered over the past few years and especially among coal workers. And while it is true that people working with... > Read More
Forklift Truck CompensationForklift truck accidents have become a very common thing on the industrial site. It is essential for you to know how much about the forklift truck accident claim which can be a consequence of the accident by the forklift truck. There are so many things which can become wrong in the workplace and especially in the case of an industrial warehouse. There are chances for the employees to know about the various risk factors related with working with the forklift trucks. The industrial sites can come with uncontrolled... > Read More
The old duties of a lawyer are changing, today lawyers perform a multitude of endless tasks, from researcher to public relations specialist, advocate, medical bill analyst, the list goes on. The end result is to get justice and reward for both your client and business. But why go through unnecessary tasks when there are specialist companies that can save you time and money allowing you to increase your chances of winning the case for your claimant with a quicker turn around. Here are some points to think about: 1. How do you value time?  Is anyones time... > Read More
Medical Negligence ClaimsOver the last several years, clinical (formerly medical) negligence in the U.K. has been rapidly rising—in both the quantity of cases and the costs incurred. Since 2008, the number of clinical and medical negligence claims registered has nearly doubled. This surge in poor care and patient suffering is inexcusable: while medical technology and knowledge improves, there is no such clear improvement in patient outcomes. A number of recent clinical negligence cases can help to shed light on this phenomenon. These cases range from... > Read More
accident at work claimsAccording to recently released statistics of last years work related injuries and illness's, there has been a significant decrease. Of course it is delightful to see such improvement, but looking at the results below is it really enough or do you agree that we still have a long way to go. See for instance White Finger Compensation which is an industrial disease brought on by vibrating machinery. Currently work related injury cases are the most common sources of compensation. There are... > Read More